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Sandals Lailah by Step Spring Women's Multi Black L'Artiste The dictionary defines motivation as the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way or the general desire or willingness of someone to do something.

I have found that motivation is constantly evolving, especially when we are making changes in our lives and exercise habits. What motivates us today is different than what motivates us tomorrow. In fact, what motivates us can shift from moment to moment.

As you seek to make changes to your exercise and eating habits, you will probably find that the things that motivated you in the past don't work anymore. I recommend creating a list of things that motivate you and don't limit the list to exercise and dietary choices alone!!

Then when you desire to exercise or choose a healthy meal starts to slip refer to your list. Having accessible reminders helps keep me on track with my goals.

In simple terms motivation deals with what you are passionate or dispassionate about, why you are passionate or dispassionate about those things and how you can incorporate more passionate with things that help you to become healthier. Let's take exercise as an example. Many of you are struggling right now to move in the direction of healthy eating and exercise probably because you are not that passionate about it. Why are you not passionate about it? You may have not grown up with knowledge around why exercise is so important. You may not understand all of the wonderful benefits of exercise and how they benefit you personally. On the other hand for people who have not exercised it can be boring, painful, time consuming and a lot of work. There are many reasons why people are not motivated to exercise. Think about other situations in your life that you may have once not been passionate but are now. How did you develop a passion for that? The first step may have been exposure. Usually this exposure is enticing; something that looks appealing and looks like fun. It probably also includes an element of fear but fear on a small scale. For example, walking may be appealing but there is an element of fear around walking until you find a way to walk that is manageable so you walk for 15 minutes (building your confidence and self esteem and already starting to feel better) the first few times and build from there. As you continue to build, you continue to feel stronger, more motivated and more passionate about your walking. 

Whatever you do find your passion in it. This will help motivate you to participate in it, help you to continue doing it, include others in it and build the self esteem and confidence to find passion in other activities.  
Sports Medicine
Motivation is typically defined as the direction and intensity of a person’s behavior.  Specifically it deals with what activities a person chooses to engage in and the effort they put into the activities. Typically we assess a person motivation by observing their behavior. What do they do? How much effort/time do they expend/spend on an activity? What level of task challenge do they choose? What do they do after a failure or when the task becomes difficult? In addition to behavior, motivation also involves understanding the way a person thinks and feels about a particular activity or task.  People are likely to be more motivated when they think they have the ability to meet the demands of an activity while believing that they have some control in regard to what they are doing.      
Motivation is having direction and an intensity. The direction refers to whether or not someone seeks out or is attracted to something. For example, if someone is motivated to join a gym or an exercise class. Intensity refers to how much effort a person gives to a particular situation. For example, an individual may put forth effort joining a gym, but not put forth effort participating in anything at the gym. On the other hand, this individual may participate in everything at the gym.

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